Who is sweetass?

Combining the fuzzed out chaos of the “grunge” era with the pop sensibilities and catchyness of some of what has come since then, the Malaysian band Sweetass centres itself around the thoughtful, self aware and often humorous lyricism of frontman Alang Sekitar. The band released its debut album “Wa Caya Lu” out of seemingly nowhere in March 2018; and has released two additional singles, Haruan Cina and Si Kiwi since then.

As younger men in Kuala Lumpur, Alang, and guitarist Aki, established themselves playing with many other notable Malaysian bands, in particular Man Under Zero Effort. Bassist Azlan comes from a background of band and tour management and drummer James 'Sungai' Rivers comes all the way from the music scene 'down-under' in New Zealand.

The band often tours and performs outside of Kuala Lumpur and have been as far as Kuching and Kota Kinabalu in their 2019 Borneo Tour with fellow local outfit Lust. Their show credits are extensive; covering: HOV2019 (House Of Vans), Sarangfest 2019, opening sets for international bands Ceremony, Generacion Suicida and White Shoes & the Couples Company. They have played extensively throughout Malaysia and have plans to tour South East Asia in 2020.

Video Bio


Alang Sekitar

Guitar, Vocals

The "Eight-legged Octopus" himself. Well known in the Malaysian music scene due to his prolific involvement in a long list of bands. Makes better coffee than you.

Azlan Arif


Wears every hat imaginable and somehow still has time to shred bass-lines for two very contrasting bands. Graphic designer, band manager, marketing genius, all round badass.

James 'Sungai Rivers


Born and raised "down-under" in New Zealand. Raised on hardcore punk and psych rock. Would trade his passport for a Malaysian one.

Zaki Ibrahim

Lead Guitar

Part-time fisherman, part-time RC rock crawler, full-time fuzz boss. Maybe the best Chef in the 60000, definitely the nicest guy on the planet.